Welcome to Drip Drop Water Stop

See why we are the very best Water and Ice store in the valley.
Better water for a better you!

10 step Commercial Reverse Osmosis

What’s in your water? Our superior water plant will eliminate products such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, solvents, pathogens, bacteria, amoebas, and other harmful substances found in water.

Real Alkaline Mineralized Water

The healthiest option out there! We process our purified water through a secondary remineralization system that restores the water to the best organic, alkaline state you can get. Nature’s water!

Bagged and Block Ice

Our ice is made from Reverse Osmosis water which provides you with ice that is crisp, clean and great to put in any drink. We carry 8 and 20 lb bags and 11 lb block ice. Pure ice at prices you can’t beat.  Need delivery? We do that too!

What our customers are saying…

  • This is the only place I will get my alkaline water! Staff is friendly and helpful! Cleaned bottles for me and even put all 5 water jugs in my car for me! Worth the drive for me!–Jamie T

  • This is a super clean store with both RO and Organic (and healthy) mineralized Alkaline Water. Not the unnatural electrocuted water that other stores offer. They rinse and sanitize your bottle for free and they will even fill them and carry them to the car for you. Best of all… Thrifty ice cream and shave ice. Yum–Janet

  • These guys are really awesome! They are super friendly, helpful and very community minded. I would say that the store is family-friendly. It is clean and comfortable to visit. They are polite, give back to the community and accommodate even the most fickle of tiny ice cream customers! Their water stations are clean and very accessible too!–Amylea G.

  • Old school customer service! John is friendly and polite. He’ll help you clean, fill, and carry out your bottles. The store is clean and well organized. Fun candy, classic ice cream, and great service add up to a great store. Hands down the best water n’ ice store.  Thank you John for taking care of your military, police, and fire.–Paul N.